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Exciting News! BrcChain_io has Launched its Mainnet - Airdrop Potential


Exciting News: BrcChain_io is Now Live on Mainnet! To celebrate this special event, BrcChain_io will be conducting an Airdrop of 200,000,000 $BRC tokens, representing 20% of the total token supply, to all participants attending the event.

About BrcChain:

BrcChain is a DeFi layer for the Bitcoin Ordinals ecosystem, enabling efficient AMMs for BRC-20 tokens and facilitating limitless trading.

By allowing the integration of BRC-20 tokens into ERC-20 and custom-built AMMs, BrcChain aims to unlock the full DeFi potential for BRC-20 tokens.

How to Join the BrcChain Airdrop:

Everyone can participate in this event with certain requirements to receive free crypto coins.

"BrcChain Airdrop" Guidelines:

1. Claim your 1 free $BRC token by utilizing the BrcChain Faucet. Each wallet can claim once! To claim, you can visit the website at https://faucet.brcchain.io.

2. Additionally, users can bridge their BRC-20 tokens to BrcChain on the website at https://bridge.brcchain.io.

3. Try swapping tokens and providing liquidity on the website at https://swap.brcchain.io.

4. Join discord https://discord.gg/U5HM2uwv

And those are the requirements to qualify for the remaining 198,000,000 $BRC tokens, representing 19.8% of the total supply.

How to Swap BRC Tokens and Provide Liquidity:

  1. You can visit the website at https://swap.brcchain.io.
  2. Connect your Metamask Wallet to the BRCChain network.
  3. Wrap your BRC tokens to Wbrc.
  4. Swap Wbrc tokens for the desired tokens.

For complete information, you can join the following:

Good luck!

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